Monday, November 7, 2011

So much makeup!

Hi everyone! So I confess I've gone on a binge. Ebay is my weakness. I have gotten a ton of stuff: falsies, Benefit cupid's bow (I believe is discontinued),BareMinerals in light, BareMinerals blemish therapy, mascara 3-1 shield, two 8 colour palettes from Avon  in neutrals & greens, the 120 palette, Kat Von D in Truth, BareMinerals in vintage pearl blush,& last but not lease Too Faced shadow insurance, On Halloween I bought Kat Von D's palette in Angeles, & I'm loving it. I'm sorry I still haven't figured out how to do a video I'm proud of. :( Also on Halloween when Zoya was doing their promo I got four bottle of polish Pippa,Mitizi,Tao, & Jinx. I haven't gotten them yet but hopefully in a day or two. I'm really hoping to get this whole ball rolling as far as youtube reviews are concerned.
Zoe Zaftig

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