Thursday, December 8, 2011

I was going to be clever...

Front of the palette
Back of the palette with names & ingredients

And do a Kat Von D-ecember. Haha get it? I'm still toying with the idea. I have four of her palettes, Truth,Angeles,True Love, & Ludwig. I had bought Angeles on Sephora for $15. This was my first KVD palette & I wasn't totally sure about the blues in the palette seeing how I have hazel eyes & light skin I thought it would wash me out. I was wrong-ish, the only one that really doesn't work is Bellbottom which is a "pearly slate blue" according to

All of the colours

Venus, Leather, Specimen,Rehab,Peggy,Bukowski, Bellbottom, & Morphine.

This is from Sephora.
Venus- Shimmer Bronze
Leather- Matte Dark Chocolate Brown
Specimen- Pearly Medium Brown
Rehab- Pearly Beige
Peggy- Pearly Turquoise
Bukowski- Pearly Aqua
Bellbottom- Pearly Slate Blue
Morphine- Cream iridescent white with blue shimmer

The browns are lovely. I"m smitten with Venus, I wear it all the time & I can not stress how much I love the colour copper/bronze around my eyes. It makes them POP! With a quick coat of mascara & I'm good to go.Leather is an amazing matte colour, it doesn't get chalky & goes on super smooth. I love it for a crease colour it almost matches my hair. So Specimen isn't a favorite of mine, its a pretty colour but not really for me. I'm not a fan of the pinky gold glitter but to each their own. It kinda clashes with my skin. Rehab is a beige champagne colour a pretty highlight colour. It's on the darker side of the highlight range I'd say.

Peggy,Bukowski, Bellbottom, & Morphine
Now on the blues. They're so pretty,well minus the Bellbottom.I'm in love with both Bukowski, is the best out of the blues & Peggy isn't too bad either. Morphine is a blue duel chrome cream & mine is kinda on the dry side.So I don't get the best results from it, almost all of my cream shadows are dry. I'm not a huge blue eye shadow wearer so having them is cool if I do a friends make up.

So when I bought this from Sephora, they were having their 20% off family & friends discount. Instead of being $15 it went down to $12 so it was an amazing deal & I was super happy to spend $18 total for the palette & shipping. I was a nice way to get to know Kat Von D. All I know is that I'm hooked & have ideas for up coming looks. I'm thinking a Bukowski & Venus look. For a face of the day kinda deal Any opinions? Any one out there? 


Thursday, December 1, 2011

I'm Naked are you?

This is my Naked Palette. Colours are as follows:
Virgin, Sin,Naked,Sidecar,Buck,Half Baked, Smog<3, Dark horse,Toasted,Sidecar, Hustle,Creep & Gunmetal

The new Naked 2 Palette
 I can't believe it's December already! Last month just flew by, any way. Urban Decay. How do I love thee? Let me count the ways. I love thee wholeheartedly. Urban Decay if you read this I'd love to be a future blogger! I first fell head over heals when I discovered the Holey Grail of eye lid primers the Original in Nude. Let me be honest for a moment. My skin is super-duper oily, what I'm about to say may scare some younger readers also I know what I'm about to say isn't good for my skin. I would take a credit card gingerly take it & scrape off this black sludge of oil. I need to find an amazing oil control face wash routine. I'm still struggling with that. Back to my love affair with Urban Decay. Last Christmas my boyfriend, Dave, took me to Ulta & let me go on a little binge. I got a Shu Uemura mini eyelash curler, & few other things. I ended up not loving the Shu Uemura mini eyelash curler & a couple other things. Naked Palettes were out every where. I asked without much hope if they had any of the elusive Naked Palette, they had one. I felt like the clouds had opened up & shined down on me. I bought it & was filled with a kinda glee. So this is my Naked Palette, well it's the first picture, I love doing a smokey eye with Gunmetal & Creep. I could go on & on about this palette but I'm gunna stop here. I love, love, love, love, love, this palette. I can't stress to any one how amazing this palette is. If you wear naturals its amazing for everyday & easily transforms for night.
So imagine my delight when I find they're making a Naked 2!!!! AHHH SO EXCITED. The colours are as follows: Foxy,Halfbaked,Bootycall,Chopper,Tease,Snakebite,Suspect,Pistol,Verve,YDK,Busted,Blackout. I can only tell about Halfbaked which is on both palettes. I want this palette so bad. For more info I'm linking Kandee Johnson, 
 she has the new Naked 2 already. I'm super jelly! So Santa if you're reading this, I would like this. I've been a very good girl.