Thursday, December 8, 2011

I was going to be clever...

Front of the palette
Back of the palette with names & ingredients

And do a Kat Von D-ecember. Haha get it? I'm still toying with the idea. I have four of her palettes, Truth,Angeles,True Love, & Ludwig. I had bought Angeles on Sephora for $15. This was my first KVD palette & I wasn't totally sure about the blues in the palette seeing how I have hazel eyes & light skin I thought it would wash me out. I was wrong-ish, the only one that really doesn't work is Bellbottom which is a "pearly slate blue" according to

All of the colours

Venus, Leather, Specimen,Rehab,Peggy,Bukowski, Bellbottom, & Morphine.

This is from Sephora.
Venus- Shimmer Bronze
Leather- Matte Dark Chocolate Brown
Specimen- Pearly Medium Brown
Rehab- Pearly Beige
Peggy- Pearly Turquoise
Bukowski- Pearly Aqua
Bellbottom- Pearly Slate Blue
Morphine- Cream iridescent white with blue shimmer

The browns are lovely. I"m smitten with Venus, I wear it all the time & I can not stress how much I love the colour copper/bronze around my eyes. It makes them POP! With a quick coat of mascara & I'm good to go.Leather is an amazing matte colour, it doesn't get chalky & goes on super smooth. I love it for a crease colour it almost matches my hair. So Specimen isn't a favorite of mine, its a pretty colour but not really for me. I'm not a fan of the pinky gold glitter but to each their own. It kinda clashes with my skin. Rehab is a beige champagne colour a pretty highlight colour. It's on the darker side of the highlight range I'd say.

Peggy,Bukowski, Bellbottom, & Morphine
Now on the blues. They're so pretty,well minus the Bellbottom.I'm in love with both Bukowski, is the best out of the blues & Peggy isn't too bad either. Morphine is a blue duel chrome cream & mine is kinda on the dry side.So I don't get the best results from it, almost all of my cream shadows are dry. I'm not a huge blue eye shadow wearer so having them is cool if I do a friends make up.

So when I bought this from Sephora, they were having their 20% off family & friends discount. Instead of being $15 it went down to $12 so it was an amazing deal & I was super happy to spend $18 total for the palette & shipping. I was a nice way to get to know Kat Von D. All I know is that I'm hooked & have ideas for up coming looks. I'm thinking a Bukowski & Venus look. For a face of the day kinda deal Any opinions? Any one out there? 


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