Sunday, November 27, 2011

My 1st BzzAgent Review

I want to state this first off. I'm a BzzAgent, I was given these products for review. That does not effect the way I feel about these products. Now that that's outta the way.

OMG am I in love! I'm loving the Baby Lips lip balm.
The colour I'm in love with is "Cherry Me" I love the red lip look. It's an amazing lip balm, super moisturizing & just a sheer hint of colour, It's not over powering in any sense. I wear the Peppermint before bed every night & my lips are super duper soft in the morning! So they claim on the packaging "To last 8 hours" "Have an SPF of 20" "After 4 weeks, lips are visibly renewed & revitalized" I can't claim that it has renewed & revitalized but it's amazing on my lips. Super smooth & just a little bit of sheen. It's been an amazing thing for me to have.  

The other thing in my bzz kit included was Maybelline Lots of Lash Mascara. This isn't my Holy Grail mascara but it does a decent job. I don't love nearly as much as I do the Baby Lips. I haven't had a problem with it clumping or flaking. While this isn't my holy grail of a mascara, if your not looking for major volume & a little length booster it maybe yours. Like I said it's not the best nor is it the worlds worst one either. Over all I'm enjoy it. My only wish is that the brush size was a little larger. Not that it's tiny I just long lashes & it would just make my life a little easier.

Over all, I'm enjoying both of the products. I'm enamored with the Baby Lips the Lots of Lashes is okay especially since it was a sample in my bzzkit. I dunno if I'll buy it again but I'm enjoying it for the time being.
So until next time.
<3 Zoe

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